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I have watched in horror as my daughter, my nephew, and finally myself have become victims of this awful company. I am an 86 year old man who was talked into using this by my daughter to supplement my retirement monthly. She was one of the first to be attacked by them because she started using it first at home. She has her own computer and phone like my nephew and I do, so it was quite a shock to us to see that they deactivated her for no reason whatsoever. They made a mistake, though. They did not know that her fiance is a rather important lawyer, and was willing to sue them for something called Fraudulent Misrepresentation and Tort of Deceit. They instantly retracted their claim and reactivated her account in under and hour.

But now, they have done this to me. I had just received an email to claim the $25 gift card I ordered after spending weeks watching videos with them. So I click the link to claim my gift card, and guess what happens? When I log in, it says my account has been deactivated! I write to swagbucks to ask them why, and they tell me some made up stuff about violating terms for "watching videos" that don't even exist, and then go on to accuse me -- an 86 year old man on retirement -- of somehow hacking their system to watch videos online! Are you kidding me? Are they that desperate to scam people that they think they can actually say these horrible and false things, defame your character, and then steal your money? Apparently they think they can, until they are sued for it.

Why do they do this? You didn't actually violate their terms of service. Most people don't. As the person above me said, it is some type of ponzi scheme where they wait for you to build up enough money and then they deactivate your account and take it away from you.

The advertisers they collect money from don't know that they are doing this to the members of Swagbucks and suckering them like this, which reflects poorly on the companies that advertise with swagbucks and makes consumers stay away from them. Furthermore, they know that $25 per person is not much, but it becomes $250,000 and $500,000 at a time in a matter of hours or days when they do this to hundreds of thousands of their members at once. They are stealing from people, insulting them, defaming them, closing their accounts, and then watching new people sign up only to be scammed the same way.

I don't even know how to do the horrible things I was just accused of in an email. My daughter taught me how to type on the computer just a few years ago, and writing all of this has taken me about an hour so far. I have arthritis, but I think this needs to be known and Swagbucks needs to be dealt with. If they will do it to an honest 86 year old man who was raised on the honor system, then they will do it to you, to your mother, your father, your sister, your brother, your cousins, and anyone else they think they can steal from and get away with it.

I'm letting you know how they really operate and what they do so that you will not be taken advantage of and stolen from and insulted by them as I and my family have.

Sincerely Your Friend,

Larry Carter Ret.

Review about: Amazon Gift Card.

Reason of review: Being stolen from by Swagbucks Inc., being falsely accused of nonsense, and defamation of character..

Monetary Loss: $25.

Preferred solution: Refund my money, reactivate my account, my daughter's account, my nephew's account, and anyone else you are stealing from..

I didn't like: Fact that its a scam, Stealing money, Deactivating account, Customer service.

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Charlottesville, Virginia, United States #1209458

Sorry Larry, this just isn't so. I have been a member for about 6 years, since the beginning, and have earned literally thousands in gift cards from them.

I routinely keep $2-300 worth of points banked in my account and have never been deactivated for breaking the terms of service. SwagBucks has millions of members who also make lots of money through the web site without a problem. It is only when the rules are broken that you agree to when you signed up or if the information that you enter into the various offers and surveys changes from one to another that you will get deactivated. Now sometimes I have seen deactivations that were done by mistake.

All you need to do is to contact compliance at and they will get back to you with 5-10 business days after reviewing your situation. They definitely are not in the business of removing accounts with a minor amount of $25 worth of points, for many of us that is just one day worth of effort.. and if their members are not allowed to be there and making money, then SwagBucks makes no money themselves. So why would they shoot themselves in the foot oner a 2500SwagBucks account???

It makes no sense. Contact compliance and find out what is going on.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1144958

For some reason it won't let me login so I'll just comment as anon. Anyway, I understand how you feel.

I don't understand this website, it's a total scam and I don't recommend it to anyone. I wrote a review about them.

My name is Evonne and mine is the newest review about them. x)

to Evonne Charlottesville, Virginia, United States #1209463

Sorry Evonne, millions of SwagBucks actively earning members will tend to disagree with you. Instead of making false alegations on something that you even say yourself that you haven't taken the time to get to understand.

Take time and use the helpful links to figure out how to earn and get yourself earning free gift cards. In the last two years alone we have bought with our SwagBucks rewards, a brand new Husqvarna top of the line self propelled lawn mower last spring and will be getting a new full size top of the line Husqvarna lawn tractor also from Lowes with Swag Gift Cards, I got myself a new 128GB iPad Air2, an 128GB brand new iPad Pro, along with literally thousands of dollars of Amazon products and also products from BestBuy from 3D Flat TVs from Saamsung, a new Bosch electric cooktop and HDTVS for our kids in college as well as small dorm type fridges and other things needed for school including our daughter's Christmas present MacBook Pro. So SwagBucks is no scam, but you do have to take the time to learn how it works and then just start earning. - Oh and you also have to live in a country where they are allowed to operate, if you try to sign up from a non supported country you will not be able to verify your very first gift card order as the verification is required to make sure that the reward is going to a country that IS supported, if not then that account will be permanently deactivated.

(folks attempt this deception more than you would think) and I am not saying that it applies to you at all. So contact compliance and get your account back or at least find out why it was deactivated in the first place.


Thanks for your eloquent and helpful analysis. I am sad this happened to you.

If you ever want to earn some money doing some secret shopping (legitimate) go to MSPA (Mystery Shoppers Providers Association of North America). I get tons of free stuff, cash money. I am waiting on my disability decision and this has helped me and my boys survive.

The point of all this, I guess, is to tell you that as a consumer and shopper, I am able to provide reports that go directly to top management, about what is going on each day at a specific shop, store, restaurant. Blessings!

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